Brushless Motor Test Items.

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June 06, 2023

Brushless Motor Test Items

The brushless motor test is an operation that must be carried out before the brushless motor leaves the factory, so what are the test items for the brushless motor? This article takes the air conditioner fan brushless motor as an example and lists some brushless motor test items for your reference.

1. Brushless motor no-load test items

The no-load test of the brushless motor can test whether the number of turns of the internal coil of the brushless motor is correct, whether the quality of the iron core, and whether the size of the air gap between the stator and the rotor meet the requirements. This test can detect the AC Hi-pot, insulation resistance, no-load performance, potential line conduction, and impedance drop of the brushless motor. In addition, this project is compatible with internal and external drive brushless motors: external drive motors can increase the test of DC resistance and Hall characteristics.

Place the motor on the tooling table, and connect the brushless motor to the tooling table for testing.

Operation demonstration

The advantage of the brushless motor no-load test project is good compatibility, compatibility with internal and external drives and motors of various sizes and shapes; the test data is automatically stored, and it is connected to the MES system to realize data interaction and sharing.

2. Brushless motor small torque loading test items

Brushless motor small torque loading test can routinely test AC Hi-pot, insulation resistance, load performance, Hall characteristics, impedance voltage drop, phase loss detection, speed, and rotation. Its features are: it is suitable for testing motors with a loading torque of 0.10~0.75Nm, compatible with internal drive and external drive, and the external drive motor increases DC resistance and back electromotive force. It is recommended to choose between back electromotive force and load performance.

test bench

The advantages of the brushless motor small torque loading test equipment are: multi-station parallel testing can be performed to improve production efficiency; according to the characteristics of the motor, the time interval and power-on/off time of each power supply can be flexibly set.

3. Brushless motor high torque loading test items

There is not much difference between the high torque loading test items and the small torque loading test items of the brushless motor. The routine test increases the DC resistance and back electromotive force and reduces the speed item test. For such test items, it is recommended to select a motor with a loading torque > 0.75Nm, and the specific scheme is designed according to the parameters of the motor itself.

show details

The advantages of the brushless motor small torque loading tester are: the power filter function ensures that there is no glitch in the power supply process and the motor operation process.

4. Brushless motor impedance voltage drop test items

The impedance drop is the basis for judging whether the winding is deformed. This test project, it is mainly to detect whether the motor winding and the driver board are welded for lack of phase and whether the bootstrap capacitor of the driver board is suitable. By seeing the impedance drop between Vm, Vcc, and GND, it can be found whether the components on the circuit board are defective—another insurance for the quality of the motor. Simply speaking, the test item is impedance or voltage drop, where the range of impedance is 0~2MΩ, and the range of voltage drop is 0~2V.

 Brushless motor impedance voltage drop test items

5. Noise test items for brushless motors

The noise of brushless motors is mainly composed of electromagnetic vibration noise, mechanical vibration noise, and aerodynamic noise. In order to judge whether the noise generated by the motor is within the specified range, the noise of the brushless motor will be tested before the motor leaves the factory.

When performing noise tests on brushless motors, it is necessary to establish an environment that meets the requirements of acoustic tests. The noise value in the environment is generally lower than 40dB (A), also known as the test quiet room. Place the motor to be tested in a quiet room, apply a stable DC source to the motor, run the motor at its rated state, and judge the noise of the motor manually. This process is designed after the motor is loaded and tested. The tester is compact, takes up little space, and is easy to carry. At the same time, no-load power and Hall characteristics can be tested.

Listen to the noise during the test

6. Brushless motor dynamometer test items

Brushless motor dynamometer can test voltage, current, power, speed, torque, efficiency, life test, and temperature rise test. Good compatibility, compatible with AC brushless motor and DC brushless motor test, a set of control systems can meet a variety of motor tests; system accuracy of 2/1000, speed accuracy of 1/1000, 250,000 times/min high-speed calculation refresh, to ensure accurate data.

Brushless motor dynamometer test items

The above are some brushless motor test items developed by AIP. For more brushless motor tester, please pay attention to the company's official website. If you have any questions, welcome to inquire. We will wholeheartedly provide you with more considerate services! 

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