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December 14, 2023

Global Microtome Industry Status and Trend Analysis 2023

I. Competitive pattern of the micromotor industry

From the perspective of the competitive landscape of the micromotor industry, in the international market, Japan, Germany, the United States, the United Kingdom, Switzerland, Sweden, and other countries are the production powerhouse of micromotors. China has become a major producer of micromotors, accounting for more than 70% of the global production. Sino-foreign joint ventures have advanced technical support and mature overseas market channels, production, and sales volume than the domestic local manufacturers have obvious advantages. Domestic micro-motor manufacturing is a labor-intensive industry, most small and medium-sized enterprises, rely on cheap labor and sufficient raw materials to provide low-priced products, the a lack of independent research and development capabilities, for medium and low-grade and low-priced micro-motor-based.

At the same time, micro-motor categories and subdivisions of the track more, the leading enterprises in various fields account for a relatively large market share. In the field of IT micro-motor, Japanese companies are relatively leading, including hard disk spindle motor is a high technology content of the micro-motor, Nidec, inebea are representative of the manufacturers, cell phone with linear vibration motor only SEMCO (Samsung Electro-Mechanics), and so on a few companies can supply. In the field of automotive micromotors, the same Japanese companies dominate the market, Nidec, ASMO, Mitsuba, and Denso occupy a major market share. At present, domestic manufacturers have begun to catch up and continue to accelerate the domestic substitution, from the price point of view, the domestic manufacturers of microtome products range from a few hundred dollars, and performance has begun to converge on similar foreign products, cost-effective advantage gradually. Leading domestic enterprises, including Mingzhi Electric, Jiangsu Rayleigh, Wolong Motor, Dayang Motor, and so on.


Ⅱ. The micromotor industry development trend

1, the policy side: In June 2021 "GB 18613 - 2020 motor energy efficiency limits and energy efficiency rating" was officially implemented, eliminating the IE3 energy efficiency motor, in November 2021, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology issued "motor energy efficiency improvement plan", requiring that by 2023 the annual output of energy efficient motors to reach 170 million kilowatts, the proportion of energy efficient motors in service more than 20% (and the current). In June 2022, the "Industrial Energy Efficiency Improvement Action Plan" was released, proposing that in 2025, the proportion of new high-efficiency energy-saving motors will reach more than 70%.

Technology: high-efficiency environmentally friendly energy-saving motors have become the consensus of the world's motor industry development plan, hollow cup motors, DC brushless motors, servo cylinders, and other motors have a higher power density, in line with the concept of green environmental protection and low-carbon, the future in the field of high power consumption, high frequency of use will gradually penetrate. In addition, industrial robots, household appliances, and other equipment are becoming more and more energy efficient, miniaturized, and intelligent, A motor is an important part of the implementation of components, and lightweight, miniaturization, and response speed requirements are also increasingly high. Hollow cup motor, servo electric cylinder, no groove brushless motor, etc. as the representative of the new motor in the technology path is gradually to high efficiency, lightweight, low-cost direction of continued breakthroughs, this technology-oriented is expected to become an industrial development trend.

2, industrial automation transformation background, industrial robots drive high demand. China's economy has shifted from the stage of high-speed growth to the stage of high-quality development, in the transformation of the development mode, optimize the economic structure, and transform the growth momentum of the offensive period. Industrial automation equipment is to promote industrial manufacturing from low-end to high-end upgrading and transformation of the key, with China's industrial economic restructuring and industrial upgrading continuing to promote the huge manufacturing market will provide good opportunities for the development of the domestic industrial automation industry; at the same time, China's population aging phenomenon has intensified, and the shortage of working population has prompted the replacement of machines by manual labor has become a long-term trend, which further promotes the market demand for industrial Automation equipment demand. Industrial control network data show that in 2021 China's industrial automation market size of 253 billion yuan, a compound annual growth rate of 10.30% during the 2015-2021 period.


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