Electric Vehicle Motor Stator Tester Exports.

Electric Vehicle Motor Stator Tester Exports.

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January 08, 2024

Electric Vehicle Motor Stator Tester Exports

Recently, AIP has successfully shipped the electric vehicle motor stator tester customized for a well-known foreign enterprise, and this shipment is the embodiment of AIP's strong foreign competitive strength.

AIP elctric vehicle motor stator tester

The motor is the core power of the electric vehicle, and the motor stator is an important part of the motor, the importance of which is self-evident. Therefore, the qualified testing of the motor stator before the motor factory test is indispensable, and AIP has customized and developed the electric vehicle motor stator test equipment according to the customer's demand.

AIP electric vehicle motor stator

 This equipment is suitable for electric vehicle motor stator electrical performance testing, can effectively solve the problem of motor wiring error detection, one-stop test to complete all the test items, stable, fast, efficient, and accurate. Test items mainly include AC hi-pot, insulation resistance, Surge, DC resistance, inductance, anti-embedding, and rotation.

AIP focusing on motor testing, provides one-stop motor testing solutions. For motor testing equipment, please choose AIP, we solve your motor testing problems and provide more intimate after-sales service!

For more details on electric vehicle motor testing solutions, please contact AIP via Tel/Whatsapp: +86-13969776659, E-mail: international@aipuo.com, we will be glad to help you!