The brushless motor performance test refers to the brushless motor before leaving the factory for the motor and stator electrical performance test.

The brushless motor test includes the motor test, stator vacuum test, rotor test, and FCT test.

February 17, 2023

Brushless Motor Performance Test

The brushless motor performance test is a necessary test before the motor leaves the factory, and the motor performance directly affects whether the motor can run normally. The brushless motor mainly tests the motor and stator before leaving the factory. With the improvement of manufacturers' requirements for their own products, most manufacturers will test the motor rotor before leaving the factory. In addition, the brushless motor FCT also needs to be tested before leaving the factory. The following will test and share the performance of the brushless motor of the air conditioner fan from four aspects: brushless motor test, brushless motor stator test, brushless motor rotor test, and brushless motor FCT.

Ⅰ.Brushless Motor Test

The previous article "Brushless Motor Test Project" mainly took the brushless motor of the air conditioner fan as an example to introduce the test process of the whole brushless motor, which will not be repeated this time.

Ⅱ.Brushless Motor Stator Test

1. Conventional brushless motor stator test

The brushless motor stator test can test the AC Hi-pot, insulation resistance, DC resistance, inductance, surge, rotation, and other items of the brushless motor stator. After the test is completed, the words qualified or unqualified will be displayed on the display screen, and the curve, data and sound, and the light alarm will be displayed at the same time; a light curtain is installed at the entrance of the equipment operation area to protect the operator's personal safety.

Operation demonstration of brushless tester

2. Brushless Motor Stator Vacuum Test

Conventional stator testing does not require too much atmospheric pressure during the testing process, and it is difficult to detect defective motor products with only minor damage. In response to such problems, AIP has developed stator vacuum testing equipment.

The brushless motor stator vacuum test item is the same as the conventional stator test. The advantage is that vacuum negative pressure technology is used. The ambient vacuum can be freely set between 0 and 99KPa. The tested product is easier to find coil defects under negative pressure conditions. 

Stator vacuum tester

Ⅲ.Brushless Motor Rotor Test

The brushless motor rotor test is suitable for the electrical performance test of the inner and outer rotors of various brushless motors and can realize the back EMF, Hall characteristics, and phase difference tests of the brushless rotor motor.

Brushless motor rotor tester

The advantages of the brushless motor rotor test equipment are: the test speed is extremely fast, and the test time is only about 3 seconds; the custom fixture, fast clamping, and accurate feedback of the bad rotor.

Ⅳ.Brushless Motor FCT Test

The brushless motor FCT test refers to providing a simulated operating environment (excitation and load) to the test target board, making it work in various operating states, so as to obtain the parameters of each state to verify the function of the test target board. Simply put, it is to load a suitable stimulus on the target board and measure whether the response of the output terminal meets the requirements.

The main test items are load performance, Hall characteristics/FG characteristics, and phase loss detection.

Brushless motor FCT tester

The advantages of brushless motor FCT test equipment are: multi-station optional, double-station tooling in the above picture, single-station and three-station can also be selected, according to the manufacturer's production situation, multi-station parallel testing can be selected, improving Production efficiency: After the product test is over, the device will automatically eject the plug, reducing manual operation steps and improving test efficiency.

As a major category of the motor industry, the importance of brushless motors is unquestionable. AIP focuses on global motor testing and has a variety of brushless motor testers, which can specifically solve the motor testing problems of manufacturers. Welcome to inquire!

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