DC brushless motor short circuits, noise, non-rotation, and power substandard are four categories of problems that will lead to motor damage.

AIP for you to share the possible causes of DC brushless motor damage and how to test the quality of brushless motor.

February 17, 2023

How to test the brushless DC motor

Due to its electronic commutation, drive control, and other characteristics, the DC brushless motor will add a circuit board test compared to the AC motor, and the motor will add a load performance test and a Hall characteristic test. The purpose is to Test the problems that may cause damage to the brushless motor.

A brushless DC motor is damaged. The common main problems are motor short circuits, motor noise, motor non-rotation, and motor power not up to standard. Then the position that causes the problem may be the stator, the rotor, or the drive. Board, maybe the Hall board, we need to find the root of the problem one by one, we will explain the major problems below: how to test the brushless DC motor.

Brushless motor

Ⅰ.Brushless DC Motor Short Circuit Test

A short circuit of the brushless DC motor is a very serious problem, and it is easy cause dangerous disasters such as burning. The possible reasons for this problem are: 1) The stator wire package is connected to the silicon steel sheet, resulting in leakage current breakdown; 2) The inter-turn short circuit of the stator wire package, the damaged point heats up the machine; 3) The power cord is damaged, which generally occurs outside the motor.

Test plan: The routine inspection of the motor stator must not be less, especially since the surge test must be set accurately. At the same time, the motor should be added to the vertical line test, which can effectively avoid the short-circuit problem of the motor later.

Waveform of brushless motor test

Ⅱ.Brushless DC Motor Noise Test

The main reasons for the noise of the brushless DC motor: 1) Foreign objects enter, the foreign objects may be loaded in the wire slot during the production of the motor, fall into the motor after running for a long time, or the foreign objects come from the outside, but because the air gap of the brushless motor is very small, This possibility is relatively low; 2) The motor shaft is eccentric, which is mostly caused by the unreasonable use of the motor. After the motor is eccentric, the noise of the motor running will continue to increase, and it may not work properly; 3) The bearing is damaged, which is a matter of hearing. is easy to distinguish.

Test plan: You can choose a special noise tester from AIP to ensure that there is no potential safety hazard when the motor leaves the factory, and no defective product will be spared.

Brushless motor test

Ⅲ.The Brushless DC motor does not rotate the test

If the brushless DC motor does not rotate, it is most likely because the power cord is disconnected, the motor line is disconnected or the circuit board is damaged. The electronic control of the brushless motor is characterized by the fact that once the drive board is damaged (the components on the circuit board are damaged, or the virtual welding contact is poor), the motor is very It may not rotate, and the probability of motor enameled wire disconnection is relatively low, but there may be a problem of virtual welding between the insert and the wire. The probability of a circuit board problem is relatively high, and its test is more important.

Test plan: Carry out impedance voltage drop test and phase loss detection on the circuit board to ensure that the circuit components operate under normal working conditions, and at the same time carry out a loading test on the motor as a whole to simulate the real working conditions of the motor.

Brushless motor test operation demonstration

Ⅳ.BLDC Motor Power Error Test

The motor can run normally, but the parameters are not up to standard. This phenomenon has a high probability of leaving the factory. The possible causes of the problem are wrong enameled wire material, wrong winding turns and wire diameter, insufficient rotor magnetization, wrong selection of circuit board components, etc. Similar problems can be detected in the stator link, but in order to ensure that all the motors produced are qualified, we must add a load test to the factory test of the brushless motor, which can comprehensively measure whether the motor meets the standard.

Test plan: Through the stator resistance, inductance, surge, and other items, the problem of material and number of turns can be detected, the permanent magnet rotor detection can detect the magnetization problem, the motor FCT detection can detect the defective circuit board, in other words, as a motor We must have corresponding test plans for each part to ensure the final motor quality.

Waveform of brushless motor test

This article briefly describes the possible reasons for the damage to the brushless DC motor and how to test the quality of the brushless motor. If you still cannot solve your problem, please contact us. For your convenience, we will introduce various testing knowledge about the brushless motor. , summarized into a collection of brushless motor testing knowledge, you can check it on the official website.

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