AIP shares today: Top 10 international top motor companies.

AIP shares for you"AIP shares today: Top 10 international top motor companies".

February 16, 2023

AIP shares today: Top 10 international top motor companies

AIP is a comprehensive service company specializing in providing motor testing solutions. Since its establishment, the company has paid close attention to the development of motor technology in the motor industry and has a group of technical teams and marketing planners with excellent skills and innovative consciousness. With its leading R&D capabilities and perfect service system, the company has established long-term and stable strategic cooperative relations with several major domestic motor manufacturers.

AIP focuses on global motor testing and follows the development of motor technology. In the field of industrial motors, the market competition is fierce, and many industrial motor giants are deployed in the global market with their strong strengths. Next, the editor of AIP will give you a detailed introduction to the top ten international top motor companies.

1. Siemens


Siemens seems to be everywhere, from building technology and automation equipment for manufacturers and construction companies, to imaging and diagnostic systems for hospitals, and electric motors for industry. Since its founding more than 150 years ago, Siemens has grown into one of the world's leading manufacturers of electric motors.

2. Toshiba Industrial Machine Systems

Toshiba Industrial Machine Systems

Toshiba Industrial Machine Systems, which entered the motor industry in 1970, is a world-leading diversified manufacturer and solutions provider that manufactures some of the most reliable and powerful motors in the global market. The company offers a wide range of low and medium-voltage motors that set new standards in extreme operating performance and durability.

3. ABB Group

ABB Group

Continuing a history of more than 130 years of technological innovation, the ABB Group has become a world leader in electrification products, industrial automation, power grids, robotics and motion. Serving clients in the utilities, industrial, transportation, and infrastructure sectors around the world.

4. Nidec


Nidec is Japan's leading manufacturer of motors and control equipment for industrial, home appliances, and consumer products.

Completed the previously announced acquisition of the Emerson Electric Company business including power generation, motors, and drives

Acquired companies are mainly in the North, the United States, and Europe, with a solid business foundation, strong brand, and good customer base

In addition, Nidec has agreed to form a joint venture with French automaker PSA Group and invest $261 million to produce electric motors in France for global and domestic sales.

5. Rockwell Automation

Rockwell Automation

Rockwell Automation was founded in 1903 with an investment of $1,000. Since then, American industrial automation suppliers have proven Rockwell Automation to be a successful example and one of the global leaders in automation technology. Over the past decade, Rockwell Automation's investments in globalization and technology have allowed it to expand its addressable market to more than $90 billion.



AMETEK is a world-class organization, headquartered in Kent, Ohio, dedicated to delivering critical solutions to customers' most complex challenges with unique technologies. Atimek's affiliate Atimek Advanced Motion Solutions (AMS) offering includes DC motors, controllers/drives, fans, pumps, precision control blowers, and custom-engineered linear motion systems.

7. Regal Beloit

Regal Beloit

Regal Beloit has a successful history of providing customers with world-class products and services with its high-efficiency motors and power transmission systems, positioned globally for energy efficiency. Its Genteq brand of DC motors is found in nearly all home air conditioner variable speed devices in the United States. In addition, its Marathon motor, Leeson, and GE commercial motor brands are widely used.

8. Johnson Group

 Johnson Group

Johnson Group has served a range of industry verticals and businesses for more than 50 years, becoming a global leader in electric motors, motion subsystems, actuators and related electromechanical components. Its key drivers to becoming a global leader in the industry stem from application-specific technologies and technological leadership. Johnson Controls offers the largest suite of engineered motor and motion systems on the market today, which can be standardized, mass-produced or individualized to meet the needs of strategic sectors and focused customers.

9. Franklin Electric

Franklin Electric

Franklin Electric grew from a small company into the world's leading electric motor manufacturing company, a supplier of fuel and water delivery systems and components. Serving customers worldwide, aggressively and comprehensively expanding into commercial, residential, industrial, agricultural, municipal and fuel applications, striving to become one of the best electric motor manufacturers in the world.

10. Allied Motion

 Allied Motion

Allied Motion is a leading manufacturer of precision motion control products and solutions, known worldwide for its knowledge of electromagnetic, mechanical, and electronic motion technologies. The company's growth strategy focuses on becoming a leader in its selected target markets, leveraging its expertise to develop precision motion solutions, and leveraging a variety of joint motion technologies to create higher-value solutions for its customers.

Concentration and innovation are the constant pursuits of AIP. Excellent quality and excellence. We will make persistent efforts to provide better services for motor manufacturers!

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