Unpacking and installation.

The following is about the equipment unpacking, wiring, power detection before some steps, hope to help you!

Technical Support

Unpacking and installation

Unpacking checking before installation

1.Check the packing condition carefully before unpacking, to make sure that there is no damage during the delivery.


2.Remove the packing, check the tester and accessories against packing details.


3.After the confirmation of tester and accessories, please go ahead with the installation.

Installation before power on

1.Put the test unit on the cabinet frame, and take all the harness out from the cabinet. 

2.Connect the green terminal blocks, high voltage wire and power cable to the tester, there are labels on the wire and printings on the PCB back panel, the labels of the green blocks should be same with printings on the PCB panel interface, double check the connection, make sure all wire are connected correctly, don’t mix the “left” with “right” of B10A PCB.

Power supply checking before power on

1.The standard AIP tester power supply requires 220Vac±5% 50Hz, some customized tester may need 110Vac 60Hz, so please check your power supply before power on for safety.

Check the power supply with multimeter, make sure the voltage between L and N is within the required range.


2.Check the voltage between GND and N, voltage should be under 30V, otherwise the tester will pop-up an abnormal of GND, when the GND voltage is above 30, please check the GND wire connection and make sure it is connected to the ground reliable, after the wire connection, please turn on the air switch of the tester.

3.For some tester which requires pneumatic air, please check the required air pressure range near the valve, and supply the sufficient pneumatic air source.