The new energy vehicle motor tester was successfully delivered.

This article mainly describes AIP's new energy vehicle tester delivery.

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February 20, 2023

The new energy vehicle motor tester was successfully delivered

Recently, AIP has successfully delivered the new energy vehicle motor stator test equipment customized for a well-known domestic enterprise. This batch delivery has greatly improved the company's motor testing capabilities and motor factory testing efficiency. The customer's recognition is the greatest affirmation and trust in AIP.

New energy vehicle motor tester

Introduction to Test Equipment

The equipment is suitable for fast and accurate testing of the comprehensive electrical performance parameters of the motor stator of new energy vehicles, realizing multi-functional one-stop testing, and the test items can be increased or decreased or customized according to product characteristics and needs, and the surge test function is optional. Improve the detection effect!

New energy vehicle motor

New energy motor test solution

The new energy vehicle motor test solution covers the new energy vehicle motor stator test system, cast aluminum/copper rotor test system, motor surge test system, automotive powertrain test system, AC asynchronous motor test system, permanent magnet synchronous motor test system, Electric dynamometer test system, etc. AIP instrument truly realizes your one-stop motor testing needs. AIP  makes products with ingenuity and creates an excellent example of quality.

Electric Vehicle Motor Test Solutions

Over the years, AIP has been adhering to advancing with the times and constantly developing. Product development adheres to the concept of pioneering innovation and continues to promote the upgrading of motor testing technology. Promote the continuous progress of the enterprise. In the future, AIP will continue to keep its original intention, forge ahead, and make unremitting efforts to promote the development of the motor industry and provide customers with more professional testing solutions.