Successful delivery of synchronous motor tester.

Successful delivery of synchronous motor tester.

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January 08, 2024

Successful delivery of synchronous motor tester

Recently, AIP has successfully delivered the synchronous motor test equipment customized by AIP for a famous enterprise in China. The delivery of this equipment is the customer's recognition of AIP's work, which is our driving force to move forward, we are committed to meeting the various needs of our customers, and we are eagerly looking forward to providing more users with excellent products and quality services!

Synchronous motor tester

The equipment is suitable for fast and accurate testing of electrical parameters of synchronous motors, realizing multi-functional one-stop testing, and the testing items mainly include resistance, AC hi-pot, insulation, blocking, low start, vibration, etc. The customized tooling is designed to be fast, efficient, stable, and accurate, and is now widely used in the motor industry!

Synchronous motor

In the future, AIP will continue to adhere to the customer is responsible for the product is responsible for the staff responsible for the spirit of enterprise, increase investment in scientific and technological innovation and research and development, to accelerate the motor test equipment independent research and development capabilities and the transformation of the results of new technologies.

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