Precautions for DC Brushless Motor Testing

AIP shares with you the" Precautions for DC Brushless Motor Testing".

July 13, 2023

Precautions for DC Brushless Motor Testing

DC brushless motor has the advantages of high efficiency, low noise, controllability, etc., and has gradually replaced induction motor and brush motor in different industries. Due to their differences in function and structure, DC brushless motor testing is more complex than induction motor and brush motor, and testing requirements are higher.

The effective detection of the defects of the brushless motor also needs to start from the motor itself, AIP has exported the brushless loading test system to Thailand since 2013, years of technical precipitation and experience accumulation, AIP has a perfect brushless motor test solution.

Ⅰ.DC brushless motor due to its closed-loop control characteristics.

  If want to fully simulate its working state, loading is an essential project. How to load requires the study of the use of the motor environment, starting from the working state of the motor, motor testing in different industries varies greatly. At present, AIP has physical loading, analog loading, servo loading, dynamometer loading, air duct loading, drag loading, and other forms, the loading mode needs to be selected according to the type of motor.

AIP dc brushless motor tester

Ⅱ.DC brushless motor test timeliness. 

If the loading time is too long, the test process will have a great impact on the output, which does not meet the requirements of the full inspection of the production line. If the increase of traditional motor test items can also ensure that the output is not affected, it is a problem that must be considered in motor production. AIP is the first to overcome this problem, without accurate positioning, or automatic connection, to solve the problem of test time.

Ⅲ.DC brushless motor test circuit board protection problems. 

Customers often remind that the driver board is more "delicate", how to ensure that the circuit board is not damaged? To solve this problem, we need to first find out what is the root cause of the circuit board damage. AIP has studied thousands of brushless motor tests, identified the root cause, and implemented multiple design optimizations to completely solve the problem. In addition to the common timing problems, there are many reasons for discharge, instantaneous current, and so on.

Ⅳ.Dc brushless motor electrical signal test. 

The brushless motor is characterized by electronic commutation, and it is particularly important to master the current direction in the coil through components or algorithms. AIP can accurately grasp the UVW phase sequence, Hall phase sequence, phase difference, and other indicators through towing test, inertia method, no-load test, and so on, and accurately test whether the electrical signal of the motor is abnormal.

AIP dc brushless motor tester

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