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July 05, 2024

Partial Discharge Testing(PD Testing) - AIP

Partial Discharge Testing, also known as PD testing, is used to assess the health of electrical insulation.

1. What is Partial Discharge?

Partial Discharge (PD) is an abnormal discharge phenomenon commonly found in high-voltage electrical motor insulation systems, which can lead to further damage to the insulation material. By accurately monitoring and evaluating Partial Discharge activity, unpredictable damage and downtime due to insulation failure in motors can be prevented.

2. Advantages of AIP's PD test equipment features

AIP is committed to providing advanced PD partial discharge test solutions to customers worldwide, and its PD partial discharge test equipment has the following features and advantages:

Comprehensive testing capability: AIP's PD partial discharge tester not only performs PD testing but also combines standing regulation sub-testing to ensure thorough evaluation and accurate diagnosis of the motor insulation system through a number of comprehensive tests.

Stand-alone Dual PD Technology: Two PD testing technologies, Pulse PDS and Sinusoidal PDH, are used for different types and sizes of high-voltage motors. This technology combines high sensitivity and high resolution to differentiate and locate partial discharge sources effectively, improving test accuracy and reliability.

Widely used areas: AIP's PD partial discharge test equipment is widely used in a variety of industries, including but not limited to automotive drive motors, military motors industrial motors, etc., providing comprehensive support and solutions for insulation defect detection of all types of high-voltage motors.

AIP partial discharge tester

3. Summary

With the advanced PD partial discharge tester provided by AIP, users can timely and accurately identify and evaluate potential problems in the motor insulation system, helping customers to prevent and avoid possible failures and damages in motor operation. Whether in the automotive industry, military industry, or industrial production, AIP's PD test equipment has demonstrated excellent performance and reliability and has become an indispensable and important tool for motor manufacturers and operators.

Through this article, we hope that our customers will gain a more comprehensive understanding of AIP's PD partial discharge test equipment and select the solution that best suits their needs, thus ensuring the safety and stability of motor operation.