Motor industry technology status and development trend analysis.

AIP shares with you the"Motor industry technology status and development trend analysis.".

December 15, 2023

Motor industry technology status and development trend analysis

The electric motor industry is one of the important driving forces of China's economic development. Motors meet the needs of various power equipment and play an important role in economic prosperity. With the continuous improvement and constraints of energy saving and emission reduction, green environmental protection, intelligent manufacturing, and other policies, the motor industry will face a new round of technological change and industrial upgrading. Therefore, in-depth exploration of the current state of technology and future development trends of the motor industry is the core element of the current innovation and development.

Ⅰ.The status of motor industry technology

1, new energy drive motor technology is maturing.

At present, the new energy drive motor field is accelerating the transformation and upgrading, low-temperature and high-efficiency lift motors, permanent magnet synchronous motor technology, inverter technology, etc. are becoming more mature, and the new energy industry is expected to have a significant increase in the future production and use.


2, the development of intelligent control technology is outstanding.

By the national emissions reduction and energy-saving policies directly encourage, intelligent control of motor integration, modular maturity is high, intelligent operation can be realized, reduce unnecessary energy consumption, improve efficiency, and greatly improve the service life and reliability of the motor.

3, motor energy saving and emission reduction technology has made breakthrough progress.

Motor energy-saving emission reduction technology has been by the traditional "increase the value of the energy efficiency of the motor", to "reduce the loss of motor applications". Existing major technologies include motor insulation technology improvement, ultra-precision processing technology, speed control, frequency control technology, motor fault diagnosis technology, intelligent control technology, etc., energy saving and emission reduction effect is remarkable.

4, the rapid development of intelligent manufacturing technology.

Intelligent manufacturing technology in the motor industry has matured, the key technology research and development stand out, such as factory automation control systems, energy-saving management systems, visualization and monitoring systems, integrated manufacturing,g and enterprise informatization technology, which can be run stably, can be automated, intelligent, not only to improve the quality of motor production but also reduce production costs, improve production efficiency, for the development of modern manufacturing industry And more energy-saving sustainable development plays a positive role in promoting.

Ⅱ.The motor industry technology development trend analysis

1, energy saving and emission reduction technology continues to deepen.

With the continuous refinement of the state and relevant departments of the scientific energy-saving policies, focusing on energy-saving benefits achieved a significant increase in the energy-saving improvement technology, and the maturity of the technology will be raised to a higher level. Such as new permanent magnet synchronous motors, motor speed control technology designed to improve efficiency in a modular manner, frequency conversion technology, etc., to solve the problem of motor energy consumption with higher energy efficiency.

2、Intelligent technology development is outstanding.

Intelligent motor technology from modular design to safe and reliable intelligent control, has reached a mature level of technology. Not only does it have excellent efficiency and reliability, but it also can be customized according to demand, to achieve organic combination with other devices to save energy and improve the energy efficiency of the equipment.

3, the rapid popularization of portable small motor technology.

Portable small motors, smaller than ordinary motor size, integrated with several technologies to achieve higher performance, and a very wide range of applications.

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