How to Test Washing Machine Motor.

AIP shares with you the"How to Test Washing Machine Motor".

November 20, 2023

How to Test Washing Machine Motor

With the continuous development of technology, the washing machine has become one of the essential electrical equipment in the modern family. However, due to prolonged use or other reasons, the washing machine motor may malfunction, resulting in the washing machine not working properly. In order to ensure the stability and durability of the washing machine, conducting a washing machine motor test is necessary. This article will detail the importance and methods of washing machine motor testing.

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Ⅰ. The importance of washing machine motor testing

The washing machine motor is the core component of the washing machine, which is responsible for driving the spinning and spinning functions of the washing machine. If the motor malfunctions, it will cause the washing machine can not work normally, and may even damage other parts. By conducting a washing machine motor test, potential failures can be detected early and repair measures can be taken in time to avoid more serious consequences.

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Ⅱ.The washing machine motor test method

Washing machines on the market are mainly categorized into three types: double-cylinder washing machines, pulsating washing machines, and drum washing machines. Washing machines mainly have two working modes: washing and spinning.

AIP washing machine motor test mainly includes three categories: induction motor test, series motor test, and brushless motor test. Each category is further divided into stator test, (cast aluminum/permanent magnet) rotor test, and whole machine (loading) test. Since the structure and working principle are completely different, the testing differences are also significant.

For more information on the operation of the AIP washing machine motor tester, you can check the instruction manual that comes with the equipment, and AIP engineers can also provide remote on-site or remote guidance.

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Through the above test steps, we can comprehensively assess the performance and safety of the washing machine motor. If the test results are normal, you can use the washing machine without any worries; if you find any problems or abnormalities, you should contact professional maintenance personnel for further overhaul and repair. Regular testing of washing machine motors is an important measure to maintain normal operation and extend the service life of the washing machine.

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