Fan motor loading tester successfully shipped.

Fan motor loading tester successfully shipped.

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January 08, 2024

Fan motor loading tester successfully shipped

Recently, AIP for a well-known domestic customer customized fan motor loading test equipment, after the customer's engineering department master's rigorous testing, and multi-process inspection to complete the production test, the equipment was successfully delivered to the customer, and the equipment was put into production, functioning normally, and has become an important part of the enterprise's production experiments.

Fan motor loading tester   Fan motor

Fan motor loading tester features:

1. This equipment is mainly used for comprehensive electrical performance testing of fan motors.

2. According to customer demand, customized research and development production motor test equipment.

3. One clamping can quickly complete the test of preset items.

4. The test items mainly include AC Hi-pot, insulation resistance, forward and reverse load performance (voltage, current, power), grounding resistance, rotational speed, and so on.

AIP focuses on global motor testing, and motor testing in a wide range of applications: household motors, pump motors, power tool motors, automotive motors, industrial motors, servo motors, and other fields. One of the highlights of AIP is that we can realize special customization according to customers' needs. AIP always adheres to the "customer-centered, struggler-oriented" corporate philosophy, professional technicians, rich experience in testing, as well a serious and responsible work attitude, such a partner is your right choice!

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