Electric Bike Motor Test.

AIP shares with you the"Electric Bike Motor Test".

November 18, 2023

Electric Bike Motor Test

With the increasing awareness of environmental protection and the worsening of traffic congestion, electric bicycles are becoming more and more popular among people. However, the motor, one of the core components of e-bikes, plays a crucial role in the performance and reliability of the whole vehicle. To ensure the safety and normal operation of e-bikes, conducting motor testing is an essential part. In this paper, we will introduce the importance of motor testing and testing programs for e-bikes.

Electric Bike

I. Importance of motor testing

The E-bike motor is a key component to driving the bicycle, and its performance directly affects the power, speed, and range of the vehicle. By conducting motor testing, it can ensure that the quality and performance of the motor meet the standards, and it can detect potential failures and problems in time to avoid accidents in the driving process. Therefore, motor testing is of great significance in ensuring the safety and reliability of e-bikes.

Electric Bike Motor

Ⅱ. AIP motor test for electric bike motor.

E-bikes are two-wheeled vehicles that use hub motors, such as electric bicycles, balance bikes, scooters, and so on. The most important feature of a hub motor is that the power unit and transmission unit are integrated into the hub, unlike automobile motors that need transmission units to drive, so the mechanical part of the e-bike is greatly simplified.

There are two kinds of hub motors: brushless motors and brushed motors. At present, mainly brushless motors, brushed motors are only used in some low-end e-bikes.

AIP has a complete solution for testing hub motors for e-bikes:

■ Motor stator test items: AC hi-pot, insulation resistance, DC winding resistance, inductance, surge, MAG, rotation.

■Motor test items: back electromotive force, Hall characteristics, phase difference, etc..

■ Motor test items with Hall sensor: Hall phase angle, phase sequence, and phase difference.

AIP electric bike motor tester


By conducting tests on e-bike motors, the performance and reliability of the motor can be comprehensively assessed. These tests can ensure that the quality of the motor meets the standards and detect potential failures and problems in time, providing a guarantee for the safe operation of e-bikes.

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