Customized pump motor tester

AIP shares with you the"Customized pump motor tester.".

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April 11, 2024

Customized pump motor tester

Recently, AIP has reached a cooperation with a well-known pump manufacturer. In response to the long-term testing problems faced by the customer, AIP, with its rich industry experience and professional technology, has customized a comprehensive solution integrating many core technologies, such as single-point wire damage test, stator vacuum test, and AC/DC hipot & insulation test for motors, which successfully solves the customer's pain points and realizes production optimization and stability.

AIP Coil Point Damage Tester

Coil Point Damage Tester

AIP Stator vacuum tester

Stator vacuum tester

Ⅰ. The customer enterprise pain points

Burning problem: The enterprise after strict testing of qualified products, after delivery and use for some time, some of the products will still appear burning phenomenon. After in-depth analysis and disassembly, they found that these failures were mainly caused by the enameled wire breakage. Although the conventional equipment in the surge and withstand voltage test shows qualified, obviously there are undiscovered potential problems.

Coil contact problem: During the production process of this enterprise, the embedded stator had the problem of enameled wire lapping on the stator core. This defect could not be detected by conventional equipment, so they could only rely on workers' visual observation, but this method is inefficient and cannot guarantee that each stator is checked in place, which brings a great hidden danger to product quality.

Ⅱ. AIP motor test solution

■ Burning problem solution

In response to the burn-in problem that occurred after the product had been used for some time, AIP customized a single-point wire damage test system and a stator vacuum tester for the motor. These two systems work closely together to form a set of seamless testing processes for single-point breakage and surge defects of motor coils respectively. By their unique technical advantages, they realize precise control of motor quality.

Coil point damage tester

The coil point damage tester effectively solves the problem of motor coil single-point damage (wire damage) testing. Compared with the traditional salt water test, this innovative technology not only realizes batch testing and improves the detection rate, but also eliminates the need to scrap the products after testing, and even if there is a problem, it can be reworked, which greatly reduces the production cost.

AIP coil point damage tester

Motor stator vacuum tester

Motor stator vacuum tester adopts vacuum negative pressure technology to simulate a very low atmospheric pressure environment, which exposes the surge problems of the product under test, thus effectively improving the detection rate of defective surge products. The closed-loop feedback of surge test voltage and 100MHz sampling frequency ensure the accuracy of the test results.

AIP Motor Stator Vacuum Tester

■ Coil contact lamination problem solution

AC/DC hipot & insulation analyzer

In response to the problem of enameled wires riding on the stator core, AIP customized a motor ride-on wire droop test system. The system utilizes low-voltage non-destructive testing technology to effectively detect out-of-channel wire insulation problems during the pre-painting process of motor stator dipping. Regardless of whether the enameled wire is damaged or not, as long as there is a bad situation where the enameled wire touches the silicon steel sheet, the system can accurately identify the problem with a detection rate of up to 90%.

AIP AC/DC hipot & insulation analyzer

Through this series of innovative solutions, AIP has successfully helped the customer solve long-standing testing problems and realized the high efficiency and stability of production.