China Electrical Equipment Industry Association micromotor branch meeting was a complete success.

AIP shares with you the"China Electrical Equipment Industry Association micromotor branch meeting was a complete success.".

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May 10, 2024

China electrical equipment industry association micromotor branch meeting was a complete success

Recently, the 4th Council Meeting of the 8th Session hosted by the Micromotor Branch of the China Electrical Equipment Industry Association was held in Qingdao. As the co-organizer of this meeting, AIP participated in the whole process and provided important support and assistance for the successful completion of the meeting. This meeting brought together many elite leaders in the industry, with a total of more than 80 people attending the meeting.

Industry elites gathered to discuss the development of micromotors

As the host company, Zhang Xiaoning, Vice President of Qingdao Motor Industry Association and General Manager of AIP,  first delivered a welcome speech, expressing a warm welcome to the guests who came from afar. He recalled that AIP has been committed to promoting motor testing in the motor research and development, manufacturing, and production processes, adhering to the business philosophy of "focus and win-win", and has not only successfully overcome many technical problems in the industry, but also has a comprehensive one-stop motor intelligent testing solution in the industry, which has promoted the intelligent transformation and upgrading of motor industry testing.

During the meeting, the leaders and guests had in-depth exchanges on the current situation, challenges, and future development trends of the motor industry. They discussed the bottleneck problems in the development of the industry and how to promote the sustainable development of the micromotor industry through technological innovation and market expansion. 



AIP's show the head technology and leads the industry's intelligent transformation

During the corporate exchange session, AIP Deputy General Manager Yu Chao fully demonstrated AIP's core technologies and industry applications in the field of motor testing, including PD partial discharge testing, AAE/ATE performance testing, coil contact lamination testing, pinhole insulation testing, and cast aluminum rotor testing, and other world-leading technologies, demonstrating the strength of China's smart manufacturing.

During the conference, AIP also exhibited the domestic innovative new energy vehicle motor PD partial discharge test system, which overcomes the industry's high-voltage component partial discharge test problems and realizes dual PD (pulse PDS + sinusoidal PDH) functions in one machine, as well as PD + conventional stator Comprehensive test. This innovative achievement attracted widespread attention from the participants, who visited the booth one after another to gain an in-depth understanding of the advancement and market potential of this technology.

The successful convening of this meeting not only established a good platform for communication and cooperation in the micro motor industry but also provided a rare opportunity for AIP to demonstrate its strength and expand business cooperation. AIP will take this opportunity to continue to delve into the field of motor testing and contribute more wisdom and strength to the prosperity and development of the motor industry.

AIP focuses on global motor testing, strives for excellence in product quality and efficient professional services to achieve a win-win situation for customers, supply chain, and employees, fulfills the corporate philosophy of "customer-centered, striver-oriented", and develops through continuous innovation, to create a trustworthy international motor testing equipment brand and create a better life for mankind!