Automotive Motor Test.

AIP shares with you the"Automotive Motor Test".

November 18, 2023

Automotive Motor Test

With the rapid development of the automobile industry, electric motors are more and more widely used in automobiles, such as electric vehicles, hybrid vehicles, and so on. In order to ensure the normal operation and performance of the automobile, it is crucial to conduct a comprehensive and accurate test on the electric motor. In this paper, we will introduce the importance of automotive motor testing, types of testing, and key steps in the testing process.


I. Importance of automotive electric motor testing

As the core component of the drive system, the performance and quality of an automotive electric motor directly affect the vehicle's power, fuel economy, emission performance, and reliability. Motor testing can accurately assess the performance indicators of the motor to ensure that the motor can operate normally under various operating conditions and meet the needs of the vehicle. This is of great significance to both automobile manufacturers and consumers and can enhance the competitiveness of automobile products and user satisfaction.

Automotive motor

Ⅱ.The test methods of automotive motor

Automotive motors mainly include compressor motors, generators, oil pump motors, seat motors, steering motors, ventilation motors, wiper motors, tailgate motors, and so on.

AIP has mature testing solutions for automotive motors, mainly including stator tests, armature rotor tests, and motor tests (no load/load).

AIP attaches great importance to motor testing in the automotive industry and has developed vertical line tests, Coil point damage tests, surge tests, and other technologies to ensure the quality of each automotive motor.AIP also has a dynamometer intelligent tester compatible with brushed motors and brushless motors, which can meet the one-stop testing needs of the enterprise's motor production.

AIP automotive motor tester

Ⅲ.Characteristics of AIP automotive motor tester

AIP introduces CAN communication technology into the automobile control system, which ensures the stability of the control system and the speed of data transmission when the test voltage is rapidly switched between 10,000-volt level and millivolt level. On the basis of the Linux open-source system, AIP independently develops the motor tester operating system with independent intellectual property rights and synchronously introduces the application mode of the smartphone operating system into the system. Through the built-in WIFI module, networking, fault diagnosis, OTA upgrade, and other functions can be realized quickly, and the whole system reaches the international advanced level.

AIP automotive motor tester


Through comprehensive automotive motor testing, it can ensure that the performance and reliability of the motor meet the needs of the automobile, and improve the quality and competitiveness of the whole vehicle.

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