Application site of armature tester.

Armature tester application site, perfect armature motor test solutions can improve motor detection efficiency, AIP provides armature motor test solutions free of charge!

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August 04, 2023

Application site of armature tester

AIP armature tester application site

The armature tester customized by AIP for a motor manufacturer has been used in production.

The armature tester is mainly used to test the electrical performance of the armature in the factory, usually for electric tool motors, garden tool motors, vacuum cleaner motors, small household appliance motors, automobile motors, fitness equipment motors, permanent magnet micro motors, and other motors carry out testing. For armature rotors with special processes such as double insulation, automatic identification of solder joints, winding short circuits, open circuit, wrong winding, poor welding, and other fault tests are carried out. The armature tester supports the arbitrary placement of armature rotors. The tester automatically sorts the armature rotors accurately, automatically tracks faulty solder joints, and automatically counts the number of tests, the number of defectives, and other data after the test, which facilitates quality management and analysis, improves test efficiency, and eliminates Manual review time.

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