AIP Home Appliance Motor Tester Delivered to Egyptian Customer.

AIP Home Appliance Motor Tester Delivered to Egyptian Customer.

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March 20, 2024

AIP Home Appliance Motor Tester Delivered to Egyptian Customer

Recently, the export order of AIP has passed the acceptance and will be shipped to Egypt soon.

AIP home appliance motor tester

This customer produces motors for household electrical appliances and has purchased an AIP motor tester many times. This time, the customer has tested many kinds of products and has high requirements, so AIP combined with years of technological precipitation and provided the customer with a super-expectation program, which was highly praised by the customer and expressed the willingness of long-term cooperation.

Home appliance motor

The home appliance motor tester is a mature product of AIP, which not only has the functions of remote maintenance and power-on self-test, but also has a sampling frequency as high as 100Mhz, and the test of the single-phase single-speed motor only takes 4 seconds, which is fast, accurate and stable, and is the first choice of motor manufacturing enterprises.

The level of internationalization has become an important standard to measure the competitiveness of enterprises, and AIP responds to the national call to develop the international market as an important direction of enterprise development.

In the future, with the technology, brand, and product services continue to precipitate, the global competitiveness of AIP is steadily improving, and it is expected to promote the export of more motor test equipment, continues to lead the globalization of China's motor test equipment brand, build the world's leading motor testing capabilities, and provide global motor manufacturers with higher-quality motor test products.