AIP Die-cast Aluminum Rotor Tester Successfully Delivered to Customer.

AIP Die-cast Aluminum Rotor Tester Successfully Delivered to Customer.

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March 08, 2024

AIP Die-cast Aluminum Rotor Tester Successfully Delivered to Customer

Recently, the die-cast aluminum rotor tester customized by AIP for a well-known foreign enterprise passed the acceptance successfully, which solves the cast aluminum rotor test problems and improves the quality of the rotor. This export is another recognition of AIP by foreign customers, and is another manifestation of AIP's competitive strength in the foreign motor testing market!

Die-cast Aluminum Rotor Tester

I. Introduction of cast aluminum rotor tester  

The cast aluminum rotor test equipment produced by AIP belongs to horizontal conventional equipment with strong compatibility, and different specifications of cast aluminum rotors can be easily adjusted and clamped. The test content mainly includes broken bars, thin bars, bubbles, air holes, trachoma, oblique groove angle, cast aluminum defects, etc. Through the analysis of test results and data, to provide a theoretical basis for the improvement of the cast aluminum rotor process, and thus improve the level of rotor manufacturing and corporate brand influence.

Die-cast Aluminum Rotor

Ⅱ. Aluminum rotor test solution

At present, AIP has a full range of standard cast aluminum rotor test solutions, and the test instruments have been purchased by a large number of domestic and foreign manufacturers. AIP, focusing on global motor testing, provides customers with customized motor testing solutions based on their real needs, solves the motor factory testing problems, and ensures that the products sent to the end customers are of high quality.

Aluminum rotor test solution

Since its establishment, AIP has respected the core values of "casting brand with technology, winning the market with quality, seeking development with innovation, treating customers with responsibility", and has been actively developing and innovating over the years to carry forward the spirit of craftsmanship. At present, AIP has a high-level technical research and development team, a professional marketing team, a perfect after-sales service system, a good reputation in the motor testing industry, and many famous enterprises at home and abroad to establish a long-term cooperative relationship, motor test equipment has been all over the world!