AIP Brushless Motor Stator Tester Successfully Delivered to Customers.

AIP Brushless Motor Stator Tester Successfully Delivered to Customers.

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March 08, 2024

AIP Brushless Motor Stator Tester Successfully Delivered to Customers

Recently, AIP has completed the acceptance of the batch of brushless stator test equipment. AIP always adheres to the working concept of "quality, and on-time delivery", concentrates its efforts on the project, and takes responsibility for the project. The production and technical team cooperates, pays strict attention to the key nodes, pushes forward the scientific management, and fully deploys the technicians and production backbones, to make sure that the equipments are delivered successfully.

BLDC motor stator tester

I. Introduction of the BLDC motor stator tester

DC brushless motor stator test is divided into two processes of testing before and after molding, and AIP provides corresponding standard test solutions. The test items mainly include DC resistance, insulation resistance, AC hi-pot, surge, inductance, rotation, etc. The equipment has the advantages of quick clamping, remote upgrade, and easy maintenance. It is mainly used for testing the electrical performance of brushless motor stators on household appliances, automobiles, power tools, and other products.

BLDC motor stator

Ⅱ.The brushless motor testing solution

brushless motor testing solution

Adhering to the corporate philosophy of being "customer-centered and striver-oriented", AIP implements the strategic idea of "doing better and stronger" AIP brand, takes lean production as the guide, deepens technological innovation of motor test equipment, and promotes the enterprise's "14th Five-Year Plan". The "14th Five-Year Plan" period of high-quality development goals, cast "AIP" brand, to achieve "international first-class, domestic leading" motor test equipment manufacturers to achieve the goal of unremitting efforts. In the future, AIP will uphold the purpose of industry-leading reformer, explore more motor testing "impossible", and promote the development of the motor industry!