AIP servo motor tester successfully delivered to customers.

AIP servo motor tester successfully delivered to customers.

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January 08, 2024

AIP Servo Motor Test Equipment Successfully Delivered to Customer

Recently, the servo motor tester customized by AIP for a famous Chinese company was successfully delivered. The successful delivery of this equipment further improves the diversification of AIP's test equipment, and at the same time, it will complete one-stop performance testing for the servo motors produced by the customer, effectively improving testing efficiency and economic benefits.

Servo Motor Tester

The equipment is suitable for fast and accurate testing of comprehensive electrical performance parameters of servo motors, and the testing items mainly include AC hi-pot, insulation resistance, DC resistance, inductance test, back electromotive force, Hall characteristics, encoder test (optional), etc. It has features of high stability, small size, fast speed, high efficiency, etc., which have won favorable comments from customers, and it has been widely used in the motor industry at present!

Servo motor

In line with the corporate philosophy of being "customer-centered and striver-oriented", AIP continues to promote the upgrading of the manufacturing level of the motor industry with the development of intelligent, large-scale, new energy, and lightweight oriented products. AIP class is a technology-based company, with technological innovation, that subverts the process, improves efficiency, helps customers with excellence, helps customers save costs, the achievement the dream of the strivers, this is the value of AIP embodiment.

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