ac blower motor resistor test.

AIP shares with you the" ac blower motor resistor test".

October 21, 2023

ac blower motor resistor test

In power systems and industrial production, the AC blower motor is a widely used equipment in the field of ventilation, air blowing, and air inducing. In order to ensure the safe and reliable operation of AC blower motors, it is very important to conduct resistance testing on them. In this paper, we will discuss the knowledge of AC blower motor resistance testing, including testing principles and methods.

AC blower fan

I. Test Principle

The principle of the AC blower motor resistance test is based on Ohm's law, which is used to determine the performance and status of the motor by measuring the resistance value of the motor windings for judging whether there is any fault such as short-circuit, disconnection, grounding, and so on. By measuring the resistance value of the windings, the health condition of the motor can be assessed and it can be judged whether there is any fault or hidden danger.


Ⅱ, the test method

AIP AC blower motor test equipment test operation steps:

AIP AC blower fan motor teser

● Link the unit to the airline, turn on the unit, and log in to your account.

● Find a qualified AC blower motor sample and set the AC blower motor qualification range.

● Place the sample to be tested on the equipment fixture table and pull the sliding cover (there are three types of activation methods: key, remote control, and sliding cover) to conduct the test.

● Observe the test result data and analyze the data

The above are the brief operation steps of the AIP AC blower motor tester for testing the motor, for details, you can check the manual of the equipment or contact AIP engineers via Tel/Whatsapp: +86-13969776659, E-mail:, we will provide you with attentive service!

III. Summary

AC blower motor resistance testing is of great significance for the safe and stable operation of power systems and industrial production. Through the AIP motor tester testing can be a comprehensive understanding of the performance and status of the motor, timely detection of potential problems, and appropriate measures.