AIP won the title of "Hidden Champion Enterprise"

AIP won the title of "Hidden Champion Enterprise"

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September 19, 2023

AIP won the title of "Hidden Champion Enterprise"

AIP won the title of "Hidden Champion Enterprise"

"Hidden champion" companies are representatives of a city's innovative vitality and innovative strength. AIP was awarded: the 2020 "Invisible Champion Enterprise."

What is a hidden champion company?

"Hidden champions" refer to companies that have long-term focus on and are deeply involved in product development and production in a certain segmented industry, and have significant competitive advantages and innovation capabilities.

The enterprise's market segment share or export volume occupies the forefront domestically and even internationally. It has a dedicated development strategy, scientific management system, unique products and services, professional technology research and development, stable customer relationships, sustainable market demand, and significant operating efficiency.

Why did AIP win the honorary title of Hidden Champion?

AIP focuses on global motor testing. The testing standards of the motor testing equipment developed and produced are much higher than the national standards. This is a quality control that ordinary motor testing equipment manufacturers cannot achieve. The quality concept of "what others have, I have, and what others have, I have excellence" is AIP's unchanging pursuit. AIP has always regarded high-quality products and services as very important and regards quality and service as one of its core competencies.

In AIP's view, providing good service is not only good at selling services. Sending dedicated personnel to track the equipment throughout the process can not only ensure the best performance after equipment debugging and installation but also maintain product quality; it can also maintain frequent communication with customers and maintain the sharpness of the company's market insights, thereby better occupying the forefront of the market from the research and development end.

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"The purpose of an enterprise's existence is to continue to grow by solving various problems." In the beginning, AIP realized the gap with the international advanced level. After establishing its strategic direction, AIP benchmarked against the "world level" and reviewed its processes. , standards, and strict quality requirements, including advanced management concepts, constantly updating themselves and becoming an asset for corporate growth; "hidden champion" companies must not only be able to solve problems but also lead the industry. If companies want to continue to lead the development of the macroeconomy, they must keep up with the times and technological trends, constantly update themselves, integrate into globalization, and continue to grow while constantly solving problems.

"Innovation is the inexhaustible driving force for the development of an enterprise." AIP actively responded to the call of the Qingdao Municipal Government and adhered to the path of focus, innovation, and perseverance. It will maintain growth even in a harsh market environment and promote the manufacturing industry from The transformation from scale advantage to innovation advantage, from industrial advantage to brand advantage, and from the low end of the industrial chain to the mid-to-high end has become an important support for Qingdao to build an entrepreneurial city and actively promote the economic development of Qingdao.